What a properly butchered Vegan should look like

I think this guy has a crush on me! He did two blog posts on me in two days!  I don’t know if I should be flattered or load a gun??? The more I learn about him the more I just plain feel sorry for him. He is truly confused and conflicted. My advice for him is exactly this. ” Stop speaking/blogging then people will only suspect you are an idiot.”  Another thing find a new hair dresser as the one you have now clearly hates you. And who the fuck dressed you for the GRIST photo??? Do you still live with your Mother?

Thank you again for the free press! Ass




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4 Responses to What a properly butchered Vegan should look like

  1. This guy has posted so many times about me and my sick chicken Pearl that I can’t decide if he has a crush on me or is just morbidly obsessed with reading about animal deaths. Shit, I didn’t even read my own post as many times as he seems to have read it. Like, you wouldn’t watch Shoah (9 hour documentary on the Holocaust) repeatedly because that would be totally fucked up and distressing. I think this guy is an animal death pervo and I for one would like him to stop stalking me (and you!). Gives me the freakin’ creeps.

  2. After additional research, I’m pretty damn positive he’s sold his soul to the devil (Big Ag, Montsanto, CAFO’s). A vegan supporting factory farming, the industrialized food system, GMO’s (LIVESTOCK!!!)????? Another one seeking the all mighty dollar. That’s my take on him.

  3. Now that I look at his photo again…

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