Foraging for your rabbits and fowl is easy and makes you feel good.

I love my rabbits, right up to the point where I butcher them and Scott takes over and makes a gourmet meal.  Although our chickens have largely de-weeded the entire backyard, we’re lucky we can forage an undeveloped, nearby paper street.  It helps keep the neighborhood looking good, and it’s free food for our animals.  Even if it’s a small thing, it makes me feel good.  We’ll even gather on the way home. We’re cleaning up out neighborhood, and that’s good for everyone.

Our  rabbits love dandelions, mustard plants and fennel.  These are all available for scavenging on the way home and in the nearby lot.  Rabbits like their processed pellets, but they LOVE fresh greens. They will finish off what you put in the cages in three or four hours and beg for more. The manure they produce is like golden poo. 

When we forage for the rabbits we pull the plant first then cut off the dirty roots. That way we are weeding and feeding at the same time. 

Ducks are more ravenous than rabbits, and they go through greens much quicker.  I think it is very important to keep your flock fed with greens.  As with our own diet, fresh, leafy green vegetables really helps cut down on our animals’ susceptibility to disease.

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